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Aston one-77 stalled. Over & Over!

We at funk brothers love all things cars all who love cars but we have to admit every once-in-awhile we see some that just don’t deserve the great cars they own. Why-oh-why is life so unfair?  get your tissue box ready and follow the link to see... (more...)

A legend has past

Gianpiero Moretti, driver and founder of race equipment manufacturer MOMO, passed away in his home in Milan this month after a lengthy illness. Follow the link for more.  Read More →

Seinfeld dumps Porsche to promote Acura (Video)  Read More →

What our customers are saying about us!

We at funk brothers care about our reputation and realize one satisfied customer equates to 5 more. So we have hired a 3rd party to monitor our services and see how we are doing. See for yourself.  Read More →

Porsche 1600

We have had the pleasure of maintaining a Porsche 1600 speedster for a customer we have had for 20 years and thought you would enjoy it. One of the very cool features it has is a dual carburetor setup. check the ..she’s a beauty!  Read More →

Cars @ Funk Brothers automotive inc

visit our and see some of the cars we have had the pleasure of working on recently.  Read More →

New Alignment machine @ Funk Bros. Auto

Our new alignment machine is up and running now for about two months and i must say it is the best investment we have made in any tool. Come see why this machine will offer you the best alignment for your car.  Read More →

Hollywood Arson Fires (part 2)

On January 4th we posted a picture of a customer car that was burnt from the Arson fires in Hollywood. I have good news that the car is restored and the results are here for you to see.  Read More →

New braking record

We at funk brothers auto love all things cars. However every once in a while a car manufactures stand out from the crowd and today its Porsche. Imagine going 200mph and then hitting the brakes…see for yourself. check out the link below!  Read More →

Hollywood Arson Fires

I received a online inquiry today about a customer whose car was set on fire and is a victim of then recent Arsonist.  Car was just towed in and the front left fender and bumper melted from the heat of a nearby car that was set on fire! Arson Fire Thanks... (more...)