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Batman getting pulled over by police

We love watching high speed pursuits…but this one takes the cake.  listen to the officers call in to dispatch and singing the theme from the TV series. Batman pulled over  Read More →

80 Million Vehicles Built Globally Last Year–A New Record

80 Million Vehicles Built Globally Last Year–A New Record Link (via Green Car Report)   Despite the lingering effects of economic recession, the world’s auto industry built more vehicles in 2011 than ever in history: 80 million, in... (more...)

How autonomous cars are about to change our future

New Technology Aims To Take Your Hands Off The Steering Wheel. Most car enthusiasts hate the idea of cars that can drive themselves. But autonomous cars will get here faster than most people realize. Slowly but surely, automobiles are doing more of... (more...)

The List: 10 Models with the Highest Proportion of Female Buyers

What do women look for in a new car? It can be a perplexing thing to try and determine. Of course, generally speaking, they want the same things that men want — a vehicle that’s a match for their budget and lifestyle. But in practice, there... (more...)

Batman race! We love all things Batman….and there is nothing better than the awesome Batmobile and seeing it roar down the road with its flame producing tailpipe.  Some like... (more...)

58′ MG @ Funk Brothers Automotive inc.

A new addition to the family.  Thanks for choosing us Anita…She is a beauty!  Read More →

48′ Woody

A Rebuilt Transmission for this bad boy.  We have had the pleasure of working on this car  and this celebrity clients vehicles for about 20 years.  Read More →

Subaru recall Subaru is recalling 275,000 2009-’12 Subaru Foresters because of a rear seatbelt problem that may not permit proper installation of a child safety seat, according to... (more...)


One of the cooler Ford Broncos we have had the pleasure of working on.  rebuilt carburetor and tune up for this bad boy.  Read More →

Is Synthetic Oil Better?

Getting a lot of mail regarding using synthetic motor oil in vehicles. Questions such as: Should I use synthetic oil? Does it work better in some cars than others? Does it cost more? Do I have to change the oil more frequently? Less frequently? Does... (more...)

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