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Hyundai tops Toyota in lowest-cost car-repair rankings

Joseph SzczesnyThe Detroit Bureau MIKE SEGAR / Reuters, file A 2013 Toyota Prius plug-in Hybrid at the 2013 New York International Auto Show. The model’s higher average repair costs contributed to Toyota being toppled by Hyundai at the top of... (more...)

Car borrowers find pics, guns and booze, survey says

People who borrow cars likely to snoop; here’s what they find September 30, 2013 (Foster City, CA) – More than half of drivers who borrow cars do some snooping, and they run across guns, liquor and the occasional uncomfortable snapshot with... (more...)

How Much Is Enough?

Is your car costing too much to repair? One of the things I’m asked quite often is “Is the car worth putting money into?” As a mechanic, it’s very difficult for me to answer, mainly because it’s not my car. It’s your... (more...)

Watching IIHS test semi trailers for safety is frightening

link: video “Underride.” That’s a word you’ll want to add to your glossary of horrifying fates. It describes the action of a car sliding under a semi trailer at speed, with results that sometimes aren’t pretty to look at... (more...)

Ford Focus is world’s most popular car

What is the most popular vehicle in the world? Americans might say a Ford F Series pickup, since it’s the perpetual biggest seller in the U.S. Others, recognizing their international appeal, might say it’s a Toyota Camry or Honda Civic. It’s... (more...)

Driver’s ed notes from 1969 say things have really changed

Via: Autoblog Things weren’t quite so simple for Paula Thiewes, when she took her driver’s education course in 1969. Even though I wasn’t leaning over her shoulder in the classroom at the time, I can tell that Paula learned a heck... (more...)

The most and least expensive states for car insurance in 2013

The most and least expensive states for car insurance in 2013 2013 state rankings of car insurance rates Rank State Avg. annual premium* 1 Louisiana  $  2,699 2 Michigan  $  2,520 3 Georgia  $  2,155 4 Oklahoma  $  2,074 5 Washington,... (more...)

950-Horsepower LaFerrari Is the Supercar to Beat for the Next 10 Years

LeFerrari! Video Ferrari has just unveiled LaFerrari. It’s the supercar to beat for the next decade, and Porsche, Lamborghini and McLaren are officially on notice. LaFerrari. It’s a name that evokes … nothing. But while it sounds like something... (more...)


(Ferrari, Autoblog, youtube) The successor the Ferrari Enzo has officially bowed. Ferrari pulled the sheets back on the oddly named LaFerrari at the 2013 Geneva... (more...)

Survey says more people trust independents than dealers for car repairs!

Credit: AutoMD/ Consumers Trust Independent Shops Over Dealerships for Car Repairs: Pricing is Key Issue, According to New Survey survey reveals consumers who shop for quotes report lower estimates at independent repair shops;... (more...)

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